They say dimethicone is bad for hair. My hair loves it! Is that bad?

My conditioner has dimethicone as an ingredient. I've read certain articles that say that it's bad and leads to build up. I have stopped washing my hair with shampoo and I co-wash regularly. I'm wondering if I'm damaging my hair? My hair feels soft and silky when I use it, and it has great slip. But is this bad for my hair?

1 Answer

At first, silicones seem to be amazing. Great slip, no frizz, easy detangling, soft and silky etc. But this is because silicones create a film over the hair shaft, making it seem like your hair is moisturized because of the lack of frizz and easy detangling. However, silicones, especially dimethicone, are NOT water soluble and cannot be washed out with conditioner. The film stays over the hair shaft, not allowing water to penetrate, and eventually dehydrating the hair and of course causing buildup. Silicones have a very real function, but you need to use a detergent with them. If you're truly in love with your conditioner and it is working long term, you will need to shampoo. If not, I would recommend using a conditioner with marshmallow root, because it forms a similar film over the hair that is water soluble and won't dry out the hair shaft or build up. I love Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in because of the marshmallow root really cutting down on the frizz while moisturizing my hair. I also put marshmallow root in my FSG.