Is shea butter bad for your hair/cause build up?

YES, I know shea butter is considered a holy grail when it comes to natural hair care.  BUT.. a couple years back I went to the infamous curly hair doctor Shai Amiel in Studio City, CA for a Devacut. Upon washing my hair, him and his stylist immediately asked me if I used anything with shea butter, which I do. As she was washing out my hair they kept insisting shea butter was NO good and that she had washed my hair at least 4 times and the build up had not come out. She explained it just covers the hair and doesn't do much for it in regards to keeping it healthy.  They insisted using the devacurl line (which at that point I felt they were just trying to upsell me their product) but I also wanted to trust the guy that charges 200+ for this cut and styles various models and celebrities as well. I do get a lot of itchy build up on my scalp, and once in a blue moon I have to wash my hair with a non-sulfate free shampoo and scrub brush to get it off my head, but I always proceed to deep condition after and I have not seen a negative effect on my hair. I love using my Cantu Shea leave-in ($8 for a tub thst lasts me 3 months? Can't beat that!!) Any thoughts?? All are appreciated! :)

4 Answers

Shea Butter can build up on the hair but can usually be removed with sulfate free shampoo. The reason they tell that bs is to sell devacurl products which can't fully remove shea butter it barely removes coconut oil from the hair (personal experience with their products). Use what works on your hair, i personally use sheamoisture protects almost exclusively and they all contain shea butter but i've never had build up from using them; even their shampoos have shea butter in them 
I use the Shea moisture product and pure Shea butter and they work great for my hair. Now I will admit I cannot use it on my scalp at all. My scalp will itch very badly. When I was rocking braids I made a mistake and some had gotten on my scalp. My scalp was on fire. So, for my hair it is definitely a know on the scalp. I only used Devacurl on my daughter's hair as I was not natural at the time. I do believe the product worked well, but it way over priced. Whatever works for your hair is what you should go with. 
I completely disagree with the people that told you Shea Butter is bad. If Shea Butter was so bad why have black people been using it for hundreds of years. They were just trine make some money. I went to the Mirror Salon in NY and the stylist told me that Shea Moisture was bad for my hair because of shea butter. But using products is all about moderation; I still use shea butter and products that are shea butter based and my hair doesn't get the white residue of build up until the end of the month. If your hair gets to the point that you need to use a scrub brush its definitely time for a clarifying shampoo; only once a month is necessary.  
shea butter isn't bad for your hair at all . In fact shea is probably one of the best product out now . They also have shea products for children . As long as you use with moderation and shampoo as nessory you shouldn't have any build up . Go for it !!