Shine serums...?

I've heard of shine serums and I'm also confused about them as well. 1. What is their purpose? 2. Are they even necessary and are that at all helpful that they need to included into any curlie's hair routine? If so, how? 3. Are their any CG-friendly shine serums that aren't too expensive and can be found at places like Walgreens and Wal-Mart?If you mention products or methods, please don't abbreviate (i.e. LI- leave in, KCCC- Kinky Curly Curling Custard). It makes it so much harder for me to understand what everyone is talking about.Thank you for all answers and comments:)

1 Answer

I'm no expert, but the shine serums tend to flatten volume on my 2C hair, so I don't use them.  I go CG, too, so I use moisturizing and non-frizz products to give me shine.  I add a touch of argon oil in the winter, or coconut oil to add a bit of shine and tame the frizz on day 2,3,4.