should I condition my hair everyday and comb out my curls?

1 Answer

It really depends on your hair. Many people are able to get 2nd, 3rd, etc-day hair by using the right products and techniques to maintain their curls. If you do need to shower every day (like me), there's no specific reason you'd need to condition your hair every day. As long as you're using CG-approved products, all product build-up should be easily removed with just water. Many people find that conditioning their hair often keeps it soft and smooth, but you should make your decision based on how your hair feels. This being said, I'd recommend always conditioning after shampooing or low-pooing. As for combing, you should only ever comb out your hair when it's soaked in a slippery conditioner or detangling product, ideally when it's soaking wet in the shower. Brushing or combing your hair while dry will cause the knots to pull and snag, breaking and fraying the hair shaft. Using a conditioner or detangling agent will cause the hair strands to be slippery and knots will be more easily worked out. If you end up showering, say, once every three days, ideally you should only be combing out your hair once every three days when you're in the shower. I hope this helps. There's tons of information about these topics in the forums, so look there as well.