Should I totally rinse out my conditioner before applying my leave in conditioner?

I'm using VO5 Shea Cashmear as a RO and Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie as a leave in. I've been making sure the VO5 is thoroughly rinsed out before applying my leave in on my soaking wet hair. And finally my eco styler gel. My curls aren't as defined as I'd like. They're kind of flat and lifeless. If that's not the problem, can you please give me suggestions on getting my curls bouncy and lively like they once were. Thank you. I'm trying to pay attention to what my hair needs but it's tricky figuring out what part of my routine is causing the issue.

1 Answer

I always rinse my conditioner out before applying my leave in just because I like to control how much conditioner is being left in my hair. I don't want my hair to be weighed down by heavy products. Too much moisture can make your hair even flatter. I would try switching your gel. Also realize that we are getting into the colder months that oftentimes make curly hair flatter and less curly overall.