What is your take on hair steamers.  Is it worth the investment to buy one for home use?

3 Answers

Good afternoon VeeHx,I am in the process of editing an article about steamers so that information will be published soon!Thank you
Oh man... I tried a few steamers. I dunno. I am not sure what they are supposed to do. They just seemed to heat my head up and cause frizz. I have 3c hair maybe it's not for my hair type. PLUS you can totally DIY your own steamer if  you really want to try it. DIY: How to Steam Your Hair... Without a Steamer
Steamers are supposed to help with deep conditioning I believe... but they also cause the top part of my head to be a frizzy mess, so I stay away from them. Instead, try a warm wet wash cloth and wrap it around your hairline for about 30-40 minutes, depending on how long you deep condition. Or you can make your own "steamer" with a hooded dryer, found here: