what do u recommend diy deep conditioner or buying one ?

hey guys , so basically i want to start deep conditioning my 3a- 3b curly hair , and i saw that there's some poeple who use natural deep conditiong (DIY) , and others just buy one , sowhat do u recommend and can u tell me the ingredients for naturally thing , and the name of the product you buy ? this is my hair in the picture 

1 Answer

DIYs are great because they are usually made with ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. My philosophy is that if its good enough to eat, then it's good for your hair and/or skin. DIYs make it easy to know what exactly is in your deep conditioner without having to understand the chemical names of ingredients. Conversely, buying a hair mask does make things simpler. You won't have to clean up after making the mask and these can easily be applied to your hair while in the shower. Its personal preference. I usually switch it up every once in a while, depends on my mood. Good Luck!