What is co-washing and what's the difference between that and conditioner?

I am kinda new to this CG method. I joined this website a while ago and didn't follow through with the routine and would like to start again.I am looking at products to use for my 3a/b hair. I am going to start to do the no poo method. I just am confused on this whole co-washing thing if people also use  conditioner after while doing it. I also don't know what to buy/which is best. I don't really want to spend over $5 for each. I am looking at lists of good products to use for curly hair, like natural and organic shampoos, conditioners, co-washers, gels etc. Can someone help me? I'd appreciate it (:Thanks in advance. (Oh and I'd like to buy these at Wal-Mart, but eh doesn't really matter lol)

3 Answers

Gonna be completely honest, idk if there's a such thing as a natural/organic product that is under $5... those ingredients cost more and that's why they're more expensive than conventional hair products. Tresemme Naturals Conditioner is VERY popular among curly girls but it's not natural or organic. It's silicone free though, which is what the no-poo method suggests.SheaMoisture products are $10 but they are actually natural and organic. They're in some Walmarts I believe. CVS, Walgreens too.I don't think you need to use a conditioner after you co-wash.
At Trader Joe's you can find organic shampoos and conditioners (no sulfates or silicones) for $6 and under. Hope it helps!
Co-washing is liking washing your hair with conditioner. It gets your hair clean without stripping it. Have you ever heard of wen cleansing conditioner? It's kind of like that.