How much is too much?

I am currently using As I Am leave-in conditioner once a day after showering and the Shea Moisture curl and styling milk every morning to style. I feel like my hair is looking dull and somewhat "sticky," but still soft. Could I be overdoing it? My hair is never oily and my hair is of medium thickness. A bit on the frizzy side.I CoWash daily with As I Am and clarify with ACV once a week.

1 Answer

Yes, I think that might be too much conditioner in too short of time. Do you wash your hair every day? You may be experiencing some product buildup, leading to the stickiness. It happens to me too. That's when I know I need to lessen the amount of showers I take in a week and use a clarifyer. Try washing your hair less and ease up on the conditioner.