When ever I use conditioner I always rinse it all out, should I leave some in? 3-A/B

3 Answers

LOL im a 3b. no u should keep conditioner in for 2-3 mins max.  I find that works with my Curl Pattern a lot and gives it moisture and less prone to frizz.
If you are applying some sort of moisture after getting out the shower like a cream, oil, or some light moisture you should rinse all that conditinor out. If you find that those creams and oils are weighing down your hair try leaving a very little amount in just to see what it does. For me it leaves my curls less crunchy and really soft. If you find that both are weighing down your hair try leaving the condiotiner in your hair for about 5-10 minutes while you shower and what not and then rinse it out. I promise your hair will be super soft and moistureized when you get out without it being weighed down.