Hello all! As of tomorrow I'm being taken to some salon so that my aunt and grandmother can get their hair colored, and mine can be cut. I'm a little apprehensive because all cuts I've ever gotten have NOT been by a curly cutter, and have always been cut straight across which I've now learned is a very big no-no for curls.I'm not sure how to tell the sytlist what kind of cut I want (I also don't know what kind of cut I need, or which would be best to allow my hair to be at it's best potential) or if they'll be able to handle the curly mayhem that is my hair (lower back length, possibly 3b hair, with at least 5 inches of damanged hair.)I'm also quite short (5'1") and I don't want anything that will make me look short and stumpy.Any help, tips, suggestions, and advice would be greatly appreciate.

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