At 27, I have yet to find a hairstylist that knows how to work with 2C hair. Please. Help.

I've never had a haircut that didn't end with me walking away looking like I'd been electrocuted. I have somewhat thick 2C hair. I don't think it's that curly but I do have the straight layer and the other wavy categories didn't seem to fit. I don't think it's very thick, either, but that's what I keep hearing so who knows. I'll attach a photo, if anyone's interested in helping me on those fronts. I've basically been at the mercy of the stylists' expertise and nothing has worked. It's been straightened, thinned, layered, and bobbed because I got really sick of being disappointed (HUGE mistake. I don't have the face for a bob, as much as it kills me). As of now, I haven't gotten so much as a trim in two years. This is starting bug me, however, as my straight layer is on top and my hair looks really flat. Are there any questions I can ask that will clue me in to whether they're actually experienced with 2C hair? The honor system is dead, apparently. 

2 Answers

Have you tried looking under the "salons" tab on this website? That helped me find a good salon. There is also a salon finder on the DevaCurl website, which shows salons that do DevaCuts. If your stylist wears her hair in its natural state and does cuts on dry hair, then they're probably a good curly stylist. Hope I helped :)
I agree with curlysophie (below). Other places to check for great curly hair specialists are the CHA group: This is an international group of curl specialists that are passionate about their work. You also might want to join "The Wavy Community" group if you are on Facebook. The group is extremely active and gives a lot of peer support and guidance. All the best! "Curly Hair Specialist in the Bay Area" Dianne