2b/2c/3a girls please show me your before and after haircut pics!

hi! My hair is between 2b and 2c (mostly waves but thicker texture). My hair used to be curlier but it's gotten much waiver in recent years. I actually like the waves quite a bit, but my hair is very long right now and I'm considering cutting it collarbone length.I'm worried that if I cut it that short my curls are going to spring up and become frizzy (something I don't want bc I have a very round face)Please please share your before and after haircut pictures so that I can get an idea on what to expect. I've been debating this cut for years but I'm very nervous. Thank you in advance! 

1 Answer

Do google for cuts, in my experience hair get's more wavy and less curly when short. The first pic in when I had my hair healthy, after that I bleached and dyed so it got damaged and had to be cut. The second pic is of my hair cut short where I lost all wave definition, it was dry because of the weather and dye. The third pic is the after and before. The two pics on the right are of my hair after letting it grow and cg and the one the left is the new cut I got. As you see shorter hair less curl and more wave. So I think you shouldn't worry. Of course that depends on your hair type and a good stylist. Good luck