Bad Deva Cut

On tuesday i went and got my first deva cut. I was so excited until i saw the end result. I look like a shaggy dog or like someone gave me a bad perm. My hair is puffy and all over the place. They used the deva products in my hair after the cut and co washing it my hair did not like this stuff. the next day i washed it and used my own products but still no better. The stylist layered my hair but now the top is tight curls and the bottom is loose waves i have some straight ends also in spots i never had before. The stylist told me if theres anything i want to be fixed call back within a week. Any tips for me? Should i call back and try to have someone fix it? The only problem is she cut a lot of my hair off already so i don't want the salon to chop to much more off. Believe me curly bobs are not my thing. Help please 

1 Answer

I'm sorry! How frustrating! I'd go back in and explain what you don't like and see what they can do.