bangs for my hair

hi. i have this 2b hair type. i really want to give my hair bangs. yet somehow i wonder if that would work for me. i have oval face. but i have this chubby cheek that makes my face rounder. and also i have wide forehead which makes me have no idea what bangs would look flattering for my face and also my face. can anyone here suggest or may be show me some pictures of bangs suit for me. thank you.

2 Answers

I'd avoid blunt straight across bangs as that will steal length from your face and draw attention to your cheeks. I'd opt for side swept bangs, from a side part they should dissect your forehead at an angle.
Hi Risyantika, I completely agree. I would avoid blunt bangs with wavy hair because you'll have to straighten them or blow them out every day. I've done that before and my bangs were so damaged. I had to pin them up for 6 months and let them grow out healthy again. So, yes, avoid blunt bangs. Opt for sideswept bangs. They're easier to maintain and you don't have to straighten them.