Best curly salon in Orlando, FL

I live in Kissimmee (10 mins from Disney) and I've been struggling to find a good salon. I've never gone to a curly stylist because I never knew about them so my life has been full of pretty bad cuts. I have very thick 3A curly hair that get extremely frizzy. I've been transitioning my hair for about 2 months and I need to get a trim because my ends are very split and I usually cut my hair only once a year. I've been looking at a few salons, dolce vite salon, alchemy, or studio 11. All three are very far from me but if I can find someone who can give me a good cut and not get made when I ask about products they suggest on my hair that I should try without them pushing their products on me I will be fine. I also found a salon called Prive by the mall at millenium but I don't know if they have curly hair stylist. I appreciate suggestions and hope not to spend a ridiculous amount please. Thanks!

1 Answer

Looks like a lot of curlies like this salon in Orlando. Might be worth a shot. Janelle on Location