Best hair cut options for my hair type?

I really don't know my exact curl type, but the closest guess I get is 4a (with 4b or c sprinkled in; my hair has a lot of textures going on). My hair is coily all over, some coils are just larger/smaller than others. I really need a shape up, but most salons I go to (mainly salons that cater to the black community) would have me blow my hair out or straighten it before they cut it, and I don't want that. Is there any way that I can cut my hair while it's still curly? Are there stylist that can do that with my hair type (most people I see getting Deva cuts seem to be of a looser texture, 3c being the curliest I've seen)? Is a DevaCut even what I'm looking for? What exactly should I be looking for in a stylist? What questions should I ask them?

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