What would be the best style?

I am trying to find the perfect style to get rid of the ¨pyramid head/christmas tree¨ shape of my hair due to flat roots and poofy ends. I personally like big curly hair and want to achieve more volume, but I also want to keep a long length. I am a bit nervous to try something new, and I want to make sure that it is something that I really want to go with and will love.

1 Answer

I cut my hair a while ago and I always had that dreaded Christmas tree shape..I try to switch it up at times, but you can always go with a side part, it looks so cute on curly hair. Sometimes I do half up half down in my hair which is also super cute for curly hair. Other styles that you can do are like a twist towards the front of your hair and then bring it all the way into a low bun or ponytail, you could twist your hair and do the same styles that I suggested above. Some people that I always look at on YouTube for curly hair style ideas are Jasmine Brown and Lisette (luhhsetty is her YouTube channel). Hope this helped! My hair is still pretty short but with the right hairstyles you can make it work for sure! Good luck!!!