best way to cut 3a fine hair, layering, straight across on ends or at an angle

I'm trying to find ways to talk to a stylist about having my hair cut. I've had way too many bad haircuts. I have 3 a curly hair, I believe. My hair is very fine. When it air dries it forms nice ringlets. I would like to have more body and volume in my hair cut. Should I get more layers? Should the layers the short layers or long layers? Should the ends of my hair be cut straight across or at an angle? Would it be better for my hair to be in a shorter style since it's so fine? I currently have hair that is at the shoulder blade area of my back. it's easy for my hair to be flat on the top with most of the girls forming around my ears. My hair is not frizzy if I don't touch it after it dries. The last haircut i got was terrible, I have a huge shelf in the front of my hair and want to avoid having a similar issue. Suggestions?

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