Can I cut my fine 2C/3A hair into a pixie cut?

A curly pixie cut has been my dream hairstyle for the past several years, but I can never muster the courage to take the plunge. I have a long/square face with high cheekbones and a fairly prominent jaw. My eyes are definitely my standout feature, although I also have a somewhat large nose. Since I have strong features, I've always been unsure about how a pixie would look. My other holdup is my hair texture - it is very fine although it is rarely frizzy due to the products I use. Will I have difficulty making a pixie cut "work" with fine hair? Any advice on these two topics would be very very much appreciated. Thank you :)

3 Answers

It could work! Remember Halle Berry?Alsogoogle "curly pixie haircut" for more results that you think might have more of your facial features :)To be honest, I once tried a short haircut, it was layered (two inches longer than the pixie). I ended up with a mushroom cut. It is not easy to get a good pixie cut (pics), yet, not impossible, you can still try it. I would look up for the top stylist in your town - even save up to go to Ouidad lolIf you're into short haircuts, try a bob, that's "easier" (google "curly bob haircut"). And, anyways, hair grows back again, give a shot to your dream! Good luck!
You could try it and play it a little safe by keeping the front a bit longer: think the front is where it could easily go wrong :-/
I have 2c hair and I cut it into a pixie last year, here's the video: have absolutely loved having short hair, I haven't regretted it at any point since I got it. It can be a little frustrating when your hair doesn't do what you want it to, for example I wanted my short sides to stay close to my head but because of my waves they flipped out, but hair grows pretty quickly so after a week your hair is doing something different anyway. You may experience an awkward hair day here or there, but honestly it's nothing to worry about. There's something to love about every stage!