Can I cut my hair into a pixie cut?

I've been wanting to cut my hair really short for a while now, especially since its really thin and fine. After seeing the pixie cut, I'm considering it. Problem is, I'm not sure if my hair would look naturally curly good on short hair. Please help !

3 Answers

hi!My hair is dark, but it's a lot like yours. I cut my hair in a pixie cut last year, because I was fed up with all the care my long hair needed. I got lots of compliments, but I didn't like it at all; I thought it'd be straighter... it was more like an afro... xD I don't recommend it at all...Now it's grown out into a bob kind of like this:i actually like it! Maybe you should consider that type of style. Good luck!! this was the link to what my hair looks like now :)
Yeah, you might like it, but just know that your curls may seem tighter and curlier, the shorter your hair gets because it's not being weighed down by the rest of the length of your hair. So don't expect a sleek straight pixie. Think, girly version of a curly guy's cut (aka tiny curly fro). If you remember Keri Russell with short curly hair: I think its cute, but it may not look quite like that either. You might want try a bob, at least at first, to see how your hair behaves when its a lot shorter. Those often look quite fabulous on curlies anyway: