Can i get the curls back?

My daughter is 4. She has 3c curls, and is Mexican and black. I finally built up the courage to take her to get her first hair cut. This was exactly a week ago. I am very opposed to applying heat to her beautiful hair but the stylist said that the only way to cut her hair was to straighten it. I was not happy with that, but I was given no other alternative. I washed her hair out the very next day since it smelled awfully burned. I washed her hair out again two days later because the burned smell was still present. Now, the first couple of days her hair was still curly, but now the curls seem to be entirely gone. No matter what I do her hair is just poofy and straight. Could this be due to the heat that was applied?  I feel awful that she no longer has curls and I am desperate to get them back. 

2 Answers

Oh boy. First of all, there's no reason hair has to be straightened to be cut. That's just wrong. Next time a stylist tells you that, run. Now, I don't know if you'll be able to get the curls back. Try using a conditioner on her hair. Rinse it with water and no shampoo, but condition it.  And then let it air dry. I'm not sure if it can recover. 4-year-old hair is so fine and delicate. But the new hair growing in should be ok, at least. :) 
it's very possible she can have heat damage, but this isn't something that can't be fixed over time. you may need to "re-train" her curls.Try a hot oil treatment, or using a reconstructor on her hair. check this article out for 6 tips on repairing heat damage: