To cut or not to cut?

I am 14 years old and going natural. I would like to transition ( trust me I have watched every video and read every column there is), but I have split ends up to the root of my hair. Do i have to cut or is their a way for me to just graudally cut them off?

2 Answers

Just get a trim first. After you get a trim, or you can also get a hair cut, make sure the more your new growth comes in that you are cutting your dead ends off. You can also dust your hair weekly or biweekly if you want to transition.Dusting is just cutting off so little hair that it looks like dust when it hits the floor.I hope this helps :)
I went through the same issue at 14! The best advice I could give anyone that desires to transition with excessive damage is to protective style often. Tucking away those damaged ends will prevent damage lots of breakage from routine styling. Some protective styles that you may want to try are braids (with extensions), marley twists, french braids (with or without extensions). Choosing protective styles that last long will allow your hair to rest. In between long lasting protective styles, you can cut away the damaged ends. Lastly, be sure to take care of your scalp while protective styling. A clean and healthy scalp breeds healthy hair.