Cut my long 3a into a bob and now it's barely 2a! Want my curls back!

Use all Deva products. Hair is now dry, dull, and straight. Looks terrible! Haven't used heat or air at all. How do I get my 3a curls back? Why did this happen?

2 Answers

It could be that your wave/curl starts slightly above where your hair was cut. My straight bits start waving only just past my ears! I find that when I have a bob (I have 3a/2b hair at the back and barely 2a everywhere else) I have to treat it differently. I do plop to get the volume, but I put something like tigi curl amplifier on and comb so that the entire hair is a soft wave. Once dry I then rewet it and cup the hair and squeeze rather than scrunching. I redo this the next two days, adding a little bit more product. I find the rewetting stage keeps the curls uncrunchy and softly waved. the other alternative is to scrunch and additionally put a hair oil only on the ends. It might work for you too
thanks! I'm also getting a better cut...I went to someone who didn't know how to cut curly hair.