Would this cut work for my 3B hair?

I really love 3C and all types of type 4 hair. Since my genes do not allow it I cannot have it. I have 3B hair and I so badly want an Afro type cut. Would this cut work for me? Currently when it's curly it's to the top of my breast and when stretched under my breast. 

2 Answers

It wouldnt look the same on your 3b hair. Im sure you could get layers in your hair after cutting it for it be as big and for your curls to be bouncy but it would just be very dense hair (thick hair because you have a lot of it) it wouldnt exactly be an afro. Im sure it would look lovely and you can get a similar look just not quite the same. You also should look for a cut that will frame the shape of YOUR face shape nicely because you could have her curl pattern and it not go well because of an oblong face shape or something (that shape was just an example lol).
I imagine it would look closer to these (not exactly though because it looks like your hair texture is closer to silky than to cottony or thready etc like these girls. But it could favor these looser curls after getting a cut :).(the one pic with the two girls, it would be the one with the black hair)and the video is probably the most accurate itll look.