Will cutting my hair allow it to curl more in this situation?

In 8th grade (2 years ago) I decided to cut my hair, at or just below the shoulders. Everyone said my hair looked so much better, and my curls came to life. I'm now in 10th grade and my hair has grown a few inches. The first few inches of hair are straight/wavy and the bottom varies from light waves to actual curls. I have very fine hair so I feel that maybe the weight is preventing the curls from coming out how they should.Pictures:summer after 8th grade (2013, the black and white picture, excuse the frizziness and messed up bottom I was still figuring out curly hair and had brushed my hair a little)andlike yesterday (the color picture)Notice the top of my hair had some waves/curls in 2013, but not now.Would cutting my hair to around shoulder length allow the curls to come back?

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