Cutting Uneven Curls For Better Growth?

Hello Everyone!For as long as I can remember, I've had uneven curls. Yes I do use heat currently every 2-3 weeks, but that is not the root of the issue as I have had uneven curls and growth since I was a child and used no heat.For the last 3 years I've noticed that a certain middle bottom portion of my hair is not only not growing, but is constantly breaking and just alot less dense than the rest of my hair. This gives me a horrendous shape when I wear it curly because I have an entire hole in the back, while in the corners I have super long perfectly curled hair. To illustrate my problem better, I attached a little drawing I made of what my hair currently looks like. I like to have long hair, as I don't like wearing it short (too much volume for my taste) but lately I've been considering cutting it in a way to try to even it out? Don't know if this will even work, if so, how should I cut it? Any similar stories?I've tried cutting my hair in short layers and long layers, but it never looks quite right as the bottom layer is never long enough.This is the main reason I've been wearing it straight, I have to look quite polished for my job and it's difficult to do that when you have a hole in the back of your curls (topknots are my bff). I've maybe contributed to having a backward "v" shape at the nape of my neck, but honestly, I can't explain all the breakage and less hair in that area. I'm definitely in need of help, I've tried every kind of product imaginable -always end up having to straighten so it looks even. Any help would be loved!

1 Answer

I like your drawing. It looks as though it's the nape of your hair which is a very fragile part of the hair to begin with. I've had this issue before and I would suggest evening out the bottom followed by a deva cut. That way the back will be at a even length to give it a chance to grow out with with rest and then you'll be able to shape the rest of your hair to compliment the rest of your hair.