Deva cut, is it worth it?

I am a very new user to the devacurl product line (using it a week) so far I have been very happy with the line, apart from the price! I live in Philadelphia and there seem to be a few Deva cut professionals around the city. I just found out a deva cut is approx $140 at a particularly good salon. I am 25 and constantly have had curly hair problems and till date never found a way to manage my everyday looks (esp after I get up with horrible bed head) is the devacut worth it? I am willing to shell out the cash if it will be life changing (like I said I do like the products so far a lot)! Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated! Esp if someone has had a good deva cut in Philadelphia. :)

1 Answer

I hear mixed reviews. Many curlies are really happy with their Deva cuts; others not so. I'd say it's worth getting it done once, and then if you like it, you can continue. If you're going to a salon that's Deva certified (rather than the actual Deva salon in NYC), I'd carefully read all the reviews to be sure. And get a stylist who is really truly certified.