Do I still have to get a trim every six weeks if I don't have split ends?

I've been following the CG Method for a couple of weeks now. No shampoo at all, just co-washing. My hair and scalp isn't accumulating build up and feels nice and clean after I co-wash. I never use heat or conditioners with bad ingredients. I cut lots of my hair when I started, so the ends of my hair are still healthy. I want to grow it long. So does it have to be trimmed even if it feels healthy? Or is there another reason it's should be cut every so often?

2 Answers

No. You will know when your hair needs a trim by the look and feel of it. If it feels dry, maybe lighter in color than the rest of you hair, or if it doesn't curl like it used to, you know you need a trim. If it feels healthy, don't cut it. Continue with your regimen and make sure you are deep conditioning. But you seem like you're right on track!
Nope. If you like the shape and health.... just go with it!