Do you have any hair color/cut suggestions for me? (3b)

So I'm a senior in high school and I wanted to get my hair colored and cut before I went off to college, just to start that whole "new, independent me". My hair is wavy in some places and more 3b and others (I'll attach pictures). I wanted some suggestions on hair color and styling ideas. I've never had my hair colored, but I have had it cut in long layers. The layers were poofy and I felt clownish, but I think that's because I didn't really know how to style my hair then.My hair makes sort of a triangle when it dries, espcially when I leave it up overnight. I hope some of this information helps, but if you guys have any suggestions on color ideas or style ideas that would be great!! Thanks :)link to photo bucket story of hair:

2 Answers

Your hair looks beautiful to me! Your best bet might be to find a curl stylist expert in your area and see what she/he says.
Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Love your curls! My hair is about the same length, but my curls are a tad bit curlier. I had my stylist cut long layers and angle the hair around my face. To avoid poof, I like to use different types of styling products. I like to start with a leave in conditioner and then use about a quarter and a half of gel. My favorites are the L'Oreal EverCurl leave-in and gel.