Do you recommend that I cut off the remaining relaxer on my hair?

I have been natural for 16 months.  I have type 3b/c hair that is low porosity and high density.  I have about 2 inches of relaxed hair on my ends.  There is a big difference in the textures with whatever I do.  The ends are super straight and my hair is supper curly.  I want to know if I should cut it the ends myself or should I go to the salon for a professional to do it.  Does it matter?? Living in this HIGH humidity weather, I cannot wear any straight styles until October.  I need your help

3 Answers

Sorry that the pic came out sideways...I am still learning how to work this
Your hair type looks 3c/4a. You don't have to cut off all of the relaxed hair but I would suggest cutting off the stringy straight parts. My hair isn't relaxed but I still have to cut off my ends that do not curl and go straight from split ends to heat damage. 
Yea, cut the ends for sure. You can do it yourself. You just need clean sharp hair shears. This is really important because regular old scissors could damage the hair follicle. Once you chop them, I recommend getting  a good gel that helps to fight against frizz in high humidity areas. Here are some of my favs: How To Fight Frizz | Fav Frizz FightersCongrats on going natural for over a year! Looking good!