Does anybody have similar hair and advice?

Okay, I want to get my hair cut to a mid length/bob but I don't know if it would work with my hair. It is a mix of 2a/2b but it used to be at least 2c until it got heat damage. It's straight at the top with straight strands at the fron and randomly at the back. I do use shampoo because if I don't it makes the top of my hair feel slimey. Any advice for that?Anyways, the cut I'm looking for is something like Anne Hathaways that I have down the bottom. I have had a similar cut but brushed it and this was before heat damage. Is there anybody with similar hair or experience that could tell me whether my hair would work with that cut. I'm not worried about face shape or stuff but would it frizz up more, become curliest or straighter since the top of my hair is straight. Any tips on make hair like mine look neater?If you need anymore information just ask. ThanksMaddi

3 Answers

Hi Maddie2000,I think that cut will look great. I have a very similar curl pattern as yours, and I have worn this haircut before. It's great! Just know that your hair will be wavier than Anne Hathaway's in the photo, but this can work to your benefit. You will have more volume, but you'll need to shape it correctly. Just ask the hairstylist to make sure the cut is shaped around your face so that you don't get triangle head.Hope that helps!
hi how did this come out?
Hi Ispin it came out pretty good. Not as short as I wanted it and I don't really style it often. I just wash and go because it's usually in a pony but I like it.