Does your hair grow with spilt ends? Any tips to grow out curly coarse hair.

I have spilt ends at the bottom of my hair. I am trying to grow out my hair. Do sulfates stunt hair growth? Does combing my hair wet with conditioner prevent damage? I have dry curly coarse 3b and c hair. 

2 Answers

Hi there. Combing your hair wet with conditioner is the best way to comb and detangle so yes it prevents damage. If you'd comb dry with a regular brush and no products you would just rip out your hair.If you have split ends you need to trim them. In order to grow long hair you must focus on keeping it healthy. The longer you ignore the split ends, the further they might split. It's advised to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks, unless there's no damage. You don't need to cut big chunks off, just trim lock by lock, there are some tutorials on youtube. Sulfates are not a curly girl's bff because they strip away all our natural oils. They are used in shampoo but also in detergent, could you imagine putting that in your hair? Curls need moisture so stripping away the oils is not a smart thing. Hope this helped!
Hey girl,Cut your split ends for sure. They won't prevent growth but they also won't help with length. They tend to keep splitting. Focusing on the health of your hair. Figure out why you're getting them. Drink plenty of water if your lack in that area and make sure you're sleeping properly. Also sulfates do not stunt growth BUT they do over clean your scalp and leave it dry often stripped of good oils. So unless you have a TON of build up use a co-wash or a gentle sulfate shampoo or apple cider vinegar DIY. If you're using a wide tooth comb while you detangle (with con dish on wet or damp hair) and slowly and gently detangling you should be just fine. Make sure you carve out time to do this. Do not be in a rush because impatience will pull out strands and tear our hair. :) Good luck Curly