Does my hair still need more cut off. They stylist said I need to return to get a lot more cut off!?

Today I went the the salon with my mam because I needed a haircut. My hair is dry and damaged because I do straighten it quite a lot but always use heat protectant. Before my hair was a bit below mid back length. I told the stylist I just wanted a little off like half an inch as I have prom next month and want long hair. And she said "yes of course". Then she was talking to my mum in the corner about my hair and my mum has always wanted me to cut my hair off but I don't want to because it will take a long time to grow back. But she was saying how it's damaged badly and she needs to cut a bit more than an inch off. And mum agreed with her and then she was distracting me and before I knew is the lady tied my hair in a ponytail and chopped it off. She cut 7/8 inches off when it was wet! It's now just below my shoulders and when it's fully dry touches my shoulders. And the stylist said after "I know I took a little more off than we agreed but your mam agreed and said it was for the best but I still left it long for the event then you can come back next week and we will cut more off to make it completely healthy with no split ends". I'm so upset and mam has booked the appointment for next week she is always very strict when it comes to hair and haircuts. Do you think I still need to get more cut off?

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