Does wetting your hair regularly can cause split ends?

There is a myth in my country that if you wet your hair too much (like going to bed with it wet, or doing a bun with the hair wet) will cause split ends. I haven't been able to confirm that, is it true? I suffer every time I spritz my hair with water to add moisture. 

1 Answer

I don't think wetting your hair in general is what causes split ends, but rather MANIPULATING your wet hair is what actually causes your ends to split. If you wet your hair, try not to touch it or style it or manipulate it too much and you should be fine. Putting tension (through brushing, combing, styling, pulling) on wet hair can cause it to break, snap, and split as hair is in a "weakened" state when it is wet. Not weak as in brittle, but weak as in more likely to break. I hope this makes sense a little.