Dry Haircut left my ends frayed and frizzy?!

Hello! I'm unsure if I should hit up my hairstylist about a possible trim? I got my haircut dry twice and both times the stylist sliced the ends instead of cutting it straight. The ends were left frayed and frizzy after it dried. I love the layers and cut itself, but the curls at the end refuse to clump together. She sliced the curls instead of cutting it blunt, therefore the ends are a frizzy mess.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

1 Answer

I had the same situation. I switched to a Deva Stylist. My experience was OK. Will try it again and then if I am not more impressed, I will go back to my original stylist and see if she can dry cut blunt instead of slicing. So, I guess it depends how comfortable you are with your stylist. Do you think she will resond favorably? If she tries to defend her work or say why it was good then I would walk out. A trim will make it shorter but if the end result is better curls, it would be worth it. If not. Then seek out a curl specialist in your area and maybe even talk on the phone. They may be willing to give a trim for a lesser price. My mom just got a Deva trim for less, b/c they didn't touch the top or do any styling. Hope you find a good fix! ;)