To Fade or not..

Hello Naturally Curly Fam..So, I Bc'd on May 21, 2015 and LOVE my beautiful 4b soft curls...I learned so much about my natutal hair as it was growing like a forest fire...I had to begin twisting it nightly and thought I could return to relaxed hair since I knew more about my hair...Don't scream but I had it relaxed on July 18th. After my first wash, I noticed not all of my hair was straight and I immediately began missing my natural hair..So, I am ready to permanently return back to natural hair. I've already spoken to my barber and hairstylist for suggestions of should I transition for a long (4mths) or short (now- 1mth) time? I'm  extremely curious about getting it faded a little since I don't have that much new growth. Here are pictures of my hair natural and relaxed. The third and 4th pictures  are of possible hairstyles to return back to natural. What are your thoughts?

1 Answer

I'm all for the fade!!! it gives you a chance to experiment and know what it feels like before growing your hair. Do it!!!