Getting A Dry Deva Cut.. Any Suggestions?

Tomorrow I am getting a Devacut & I'll admit.. I'm pretty nervous! I started transitioning in 2012 and then got a big chop in 2013 and it's been a whole year since my last cut...

3 Answers

You're lovely. Just put your trust in the stylist. Maybe tell her to take it slow you can assess what's going on as it happens. My guy talks to me the whole way through..."I'm going to take a little bit here", or "I think this is a bit uneven; what do you think?" It's a collaborative process. 
wow your hair is so nice i cut my hair my self when in 2012 to a short an inch lower then chin cut it looked nice as it grew out it was uneven  so i straighten it a lot i wanted to were it curly so  i garbed some kitchen scissors and cut my hair again to even it out now when i were my hair curly it looks like i have a Deva cut
hey ladies, go watch my video on my dry cut: