Getting hair straightened and dyed and idk if I'm supposed to get it trimmed curly or straightened

I haven't cut my hair in about 8 or 9 months since I started wearing it curly. Well I'm about to get it both straightened and dyed and Ik I need a trim but I don't know if I'm supposed to get it trimmed curly or straight and it's about halfway to my neck when curly so pretty short and I really don't want it to be even shorter after this trim. Please help 

2 Answers

Since you're already getting it straightened you can get it trimmed while it's straight. It works better if it's done on straight hair because the hair can be evenly cut and you won't have to worry if the stylist took to much off. But some people trim it while it's curly too but in your case you can do it while it's straight. I hope this helps! 
the tricky part about having it cut straight is if the stylist knows how to trim in such a way that the shape of your hair in its curly state is not disturbed or strings back into an awkward overall shape. I personally use the tension method to make sure I cut the dead ends off  and cut at an angle so my curls clump back together.