Why is my hair not as defined and voluminous after haircut?

Hi,First let me say I'm 16, have type 3b curly hair, and I got my haircut a week ago, and it felt so great to finally get my split ends off... also getting a slight trim in hopes of maybe having more voluminous hair. It was great the first day, but after my cut, lately my curls have been acting up; less defined and together, per say, and my hair is not voluminous at all, it seems to be more flat as a matter of fact. What can I do to fix this? Let me announce I haven't straightened my hair in nearly 4 months, I don't use gel or mousse anymore, just Shea Moisture as a leave in, and sometimes I blowdry with a diffuser, so I'm not doing too much damage to my hair and I don't know what to do it's becoming so frustrating, I just want my hair back :(Thanks,Courtney

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