Can my hair be short but with little to no volume?

So I'm transitioning and I have mainly 3b hair with some sections that contain 2b and 1c hair as well. I've been straightening my hair twice a week for 5 years. 3 months ago I decided to go natural. As u can tell, I have a lot of damaged hair. I wanted to keep my length so I trimmed about 3 inches of my hair. I still have a lot of trims to go. But I decided hat I don't really care for length as much as I did before so I want to do a bug chop. But then my hair will be a little longer than shoulder length( No layers Bc I want less volume ). I've heard that short curly hair usually gets a lot of volume but for me, I'd prefer little to no volume. So if I cut my hair all to one short length, am I going to have a lot of volume/a triangle shape? 

1 Answer

It all depends on the angle that you hair is cut.  If your hair is all one length with no layering, it will have a triangular shape when dried having most of the volume on the bottom.  The more your hair is elevated when cutting the more layers you will have, giving your hair a more rounded shape. Layers will definitely give more volume that a blunt cut. It's a little tricky as you as anxious to get rid of all the heat damaged hair. Also, SheaMoisture's JBCO Strength Grow and Restore collection is great for transitioning hair.  It also protects the hair from any further heat damage.