Why is my hair too soft and won't curl the way it used to after a trim?

I have type 2C and 3A(in the back of my head) hair. I started taking proper cair of my hair last summer and this site helped me a lot. I was really happy with the way my hair looked but then I decided that a trim would be good since it would give me more definition. My hairdresser suggested I get layers and I agreed because I had heard that layers look good on curly hair. Yet ever since my hair does not curl as it used to and my ends are limp and straight-especially in the back of my head where my hair was the curliest-. My hair is also too soft. My mum made me straighten my hair after my trim and I am worried that maybe that played a role. On the other hand just one time couldn't possibly lead to heat damage, right? Other than that my hair regimen goes as follows: I use a sulphate free shampoo, a silicone free conditioner and then I apply a leave-in, moroccan argan oil and mousse. Once a week or every 2 weeks I do a deep conditioning mask. I was thinking that maybe I had protein overload but I thought that also couldn't be true since I have not used protein treatments but deep-conditioned. Do you think that my hair is too conditioned? What do you think caused that to my hair and what should I do to get my curls back? Below I'll attach a picture of my hair now. It looks way thinner and less voluminous and curly.

1 Answer

Proteine overload would make it feel crispy, dry and matted. Sounds like it is either over moisturized or the cut wasn't too friendly to your curls. If they sliced down the shaft of the hair it can make your curls stringy and weak. Try a protein treatment and skip the deep conditioner this next time since the driest ends were removed anyway. Make sure you don't have any "cones" in your leave in and mousse too. Best of luck!