Will my hair straighten out when I cut it?

This is my first time using Naturally Curly so we'll see how this goes :) So my hair currently goes a little past my shoulder blades and on Wednesday I'm planning on getting it shaped and cut with layers to my shoulders. I've never had more than a trim so I'm excited but nervous. I'm worried that when I cut it that short my hair will become wavy or even straight. When I was younger my hair was frizzy but straight and then in seventh or eighth grade it completely changed. I currently have mainly 3b hair but the top is much wavier compared to the ends. My cousin's hair was kind of curly and then when it was cut super short it completely straightened out. I'm worried the same will happen to me. Opinions?

1 Answer

Hi, it's Hard to tell with no photo, and I'm no expert, but from my experience, when curly hair (like 3b or 3c) is cut, it becomes much more curlier, because it doesn't have the extra weight