Hair texture change with cut?

I've got long-ish hair (past my armpits but not to my waist) and I'm planning to get it cut well above my shoulders.  Last time I did that, the hair was very much curlier until it grew to shoulder length.  Right now, I think I'm 2A or B, with sections of 3A when freshly washed--it gets less curly as time goes on. Other than arriving at the salon with hair fresh washed and not having been pulled back,  what can I do to make sure I get a cut that takes into account the high probability that my hair will suddenly be much curlier afterwards? Should I do an initial chop on my own (not trying to be neat, just reducing total length) a couple of days/weeks before getting a professional cut?

1 Answer

If your hair curling is an issue and you have a lot of hair or thicker hair then you can do a cut that will give you layers, a v-cut or even a bob cut. However, I am not sure if you can do anything about your hair curling when short as some people have hair that becomes curlier as they cut it and others have the opposite effect. If you are looking to keep your hair from looking out of place I guess you should go sulfate, sodium free and watch out for products that contain alcohol. Hope this helps.