My hair is been thinned out! Should I cut it short or wait and cut it once a month? Any advice?

I need good advice for a 3A hair type. I left my hair grow for a year due to the fact that my hair had been thinned out for every hairdresser I visited. Still I can see through my hair and I would love to regain my natural voluminous curls. Should I cut it short? Is there any haircut suitable to avoid this problem? Thanks!

2 Answers

Hello :)instead of haircut y dont u grow your hair n dan think of haircut. for ur thin hair problem u can use fenugreek seeds and henna mix, it will definitely  solve ur prob.The procedure is very simple soak 50 grms fenugreek seeds over night ,grind dem well in the morning add 100 to 150 grm henna powder , mix it well keep aside  for 2 hrs  covering with da lid ,after u can apply it on your hair leave it for  1 to 2 hrs dan wash off with water . if u feel ur hair is  dry after diz treatment u can always apply any hair oil over night n wash off in da morning .hope dis is helpfulB Hpy:)
definitely wait and cut gradually