My hair used to be so thick and curly but ever since i got a layeredcut it has become so thin nocurl

Its become so limp and my curls are all gone! what do i do??!!! please help!

1 Answer

Did you make any other changes in routine or products that you could attribute this to? Also, thickness and curl pattern can change with hormones so for example my hair used to be a lot thicker in high school than it is now. If you believe the haircut is what did it the good news is there's an easy fix, to let your hair grow, but in the meantime there are a few things you can do to bring volume to your hair. For me, the drying phase has the biggest effect on how my wavy hair looks. I like to blot my hair dry with a t-shirt just out of the shower and apply a light leave-in conditioner, anything else seems to weigh my hair down. Then I let it air dry about 75% without touching it. Finally, if it's looking limp then I use a diffuser to blow dry my hair on the cool setting, this seems to just make my curls and waves look more plump without creating frizz. If you find that your curls and waves become undefined during this process, then you can work a very small amount of a curl cream through it gently with your fingers.This routine works for me, I hope it helps!