The Salon I'm Going to Tomorrow Isn't a Curly Hair Salon! Help!

Tomorrow I'm being taken to a hair salon to get a hair cut.The only problem is that the place is not a designated curly hair cut.Every past salon I've ever gone to has always done a straight across cut (which I now know is a no-no for curly hair), and also has messed up several times just because they knew that when it dried it wouldn't be too noticeable.How should I ask my stylist to cut it if they aren't familiar on the art of curly hair cutting? This whole ordeal is making me nervous because I want a cut that will bring my hair to it's full potential and look amazing. I've heard long layers are the way to go, but I'm not sure. I usually part my hair to the right, if that means anything. And I'm also fairly short (5'1") so if i go too short I'll only look frumpy, but I also have a good six inches of damaged ends to cut off. Any tips, suggestions, advice, or help of any kind is greatly appreciated.(I think my hair is 3b, also quite thin, but prone to frizziness.)

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