Help! I cut my fringe and now it is too short! Any way to help my hair grow back?

it sticks up instead of readying on my face and the rest of my hair is long so it looks ridiculous!

1 Answer

Cutting curly bangs is always a task because this can happen lol. This happened to me last year when I cut mine so I feel your pain.Right now you need to keep caring for your hair like you normally would, its no different. Keep it clean and keep it moisturized. You can use castor oil or the doo grow mega growth scalp oil every day where your bangs are (I did this and it saved me in 5 months lol), and if you arent already, you can take a hair vitamin.You can also try to hide it with a short curly clip in right in the front. You can actually buy curly clip ins OR go to your local hair store and get some track hair and clips and sew the clip on to the track and clip it in (this way is cheaper since you only need like two tracks for your bangs).OR you can wear it in a small pompadour using bobby pins.I hope this helps! xo