Can you help me find a stylist? Please

I have frizzy curly hair and need a stylist desperately for myself and my daughter. I'm not even sure what type of curl I have or my daughter has. Please help. Thanks 

1 Answer

Go to the stylists tab in the top bar, it will ask for your zip code and it will show you stylists in your area and their ratings/reviews. Thats how I've found any salons I've tried in my area. If there aren't any in your area, start researching how to tell stylists how to cut curly hair so that you can be an advocate for yourself and your daughter on google or on this website in the articles or search bar. For figuring out your hair type there is a hair type button in the top bar as well that will bring you to an area that will help you figure that out with pictures. You can also google 'curly hair type quizzes' to help you if that area doesn't work.