Can anyone help me find a tutorial/steps/directions to cut my own 3a hair?

I would like to cut my own hair. I dont want to spend a lot of money on getting a good cut for my face shape. I have seen a lot of tutorials for more ethnic hair but not a lot of Caucasian hair types. (please, please excuse me if those are not the politically correct/most polite phrases, I do not mean any offense and if there are better terms i would be happy to learn them). I have type 3a hair (ish) and am just recently beginning to really research and get into enhancing my curls and embracing the curly headed life style. (There's a whole awesome community I didn't know about and I'm LOVING it). I have medium length hair that when curly, falls just below my shoulders. I would like to add some short layers and maybe lose a little length as well to really go all in with the curly lifestyle. The picture of Tori Kelly shows the shape/style/volume that I would like to achieve, but probably a tad shorter and with more defined curls.So!  Long story short... How can I cut my hair to this style on my own? Also, if you have any tips for my particular hair or how to get the "tori Kelly" volume I WELCOME those!!! I'm new on this journey and eager to learn :) Thank you in advance!!!!!(Ps. I have also added a few pictures of myself on the first day of using my new natural, moisturizing, awesome, not cheap grabs from Wally World products to give a reference.) teehee!(Pps. If you don't know who is who, I'm the one with the dark hair. HAHA! Just clarifying :) ) 

1 Answer

hey I'm pretty new to this as well so I can't help a whole lot. But I found in the curly girl handbook there is a whole chapter about how to cut your own curls. I used it and got a pretty good style from it. Just make sure you use profession shears (I bought some at Sally's) About the volume, I don't know. I am still trying to amp up my own curls! Best of luck!!!